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See an overview of John Carroll's platform issues through a series of video clips, followed by a list of additional issues that are at the top of John's list.

Top Platform Issue: Economy

The US currently is indebted 20 Trillion dollars and rising. Cost of the US Government is enormous and draining tax working tax payers of their hard earned dollars. The entire Federal Budget needs to be approached with a fiscal scalpel, removing ALL unnecessary expenditures. Entire agencies can be eliminated. eg Education. Eliminating The hold on the Keystone pipeline is an example of what can and should be done to lessen our dependence on foreign oil. The Fed provisions as to corporate regulation and consequential taxation must be reviewed and changed to allow manufacturers the ability to produce goods here and sell for profit world wide.

Hawaii is totally dependent on shipping for at least 90% of all goods consumed. The strangling effect of the Jones Act restrictions have eliminated dairies, hatcheries and piggeries. Cattle production is severely limited as far as exporting beef is concerned. Getting the shipping restrictions being imposed on Hawaii are devastating to this state financially. This law has totally destroyed any competitive edge we may have because of location, year round productivity agriculturally, ability to bring in products necessary for us to survive from the Asian countries , some of whom are totally self sustaining and solvent. Singapore, Korea, Japan all come to mind along with some enclaves in China and Hong Kong. What can happen here, as has already happened in Puerto Rico, is the ultimate bankruptcy of this state. THESE RESTRICTIONS MUST BE ABOLISHED. The Commerce Clause provision clearly violates the very purpose of the Constitutional protection.

Top Platform Issue: Security

We are in a war brought by terrorists of whom we have little or no knowledge. We don’t know who they are, where they are, what command and control capabilities they have, where their logistical support is originating.

None of the standard UNCONVENTIONAL WARFARE efforts seem to be not only in force, but apparently no one in the current administration has a clue as to how to fight this war which, operationally, we are losing. Operationally the enemy loses 6 and we lose over one thousand (Trade Center, Pentagon, etc.). Sometimes they lose one or two we always lose at least double often times far more.

There have been hundreds of successful attacks by them compared to the minuscule number of victories we have had through air strikes and some ground involvements. We must identify who they are, where they are and determine a winning strategy to defeat them. Our current US Senators are asleep on this issue as far as I can determine.

Top Platform Issue: Education

Hawaii has a School Community Based Management Council in law NOW. The DOE Has been a total failure. WE rate dead last as far as achievement our school system and we are the only state I know of that has a State controlled, centralized school system. It has been a miserable failure.

Our teachers are underpaid. The bureaucrats of the Department of Education have handsome salaries and do little or nothing worthwhile. Teachers, who do EVERYTHING, are at the bottom of the DOE totem pole. They should be at the top and the DOE emasculated handling curriculum center and personnel and payroll.

Federal Government should not be involved with local schools.. Common Core is a disastrous requirement with too many flaws to discuss without becoming obscene. As a US Senator I will seek to abolish the Federal Department of Education.

Top Platform Issue: Environment

The environment must be protected at all cost. WE cannot afford to allow species to become endangered. In order to monitor this incredibly complex matter, we nee to have engaged scientists who are not trying to earn aq degree by concocting theories to suit predetermined outcomes with respect to protection of species, climate change, effect of humans on earth and what ACTUAL impact they are having as far as what is actually causing climate change.

Quadrupling the size of the Papahanaumokuakea Reserve is concerned, it is being imposed with no thought given to the impact on Hawaii and the fishing industry. As US Senator, I will insure that the science is valid as well as extensive before any radical imposition of restrictions. As a State Representative, I was leading the legislator to pass all our current environmental laws from Monk Seal protection, Shoreline Protection Management Act, solar, geothermal ocen thermal enery production, silting bagasse on shore, ozone layer protection etc. and more.

Environmental protection that makes sense will always be my focus Environmental laws that sound good but are useless and costly must be amended or eliminated.

Top Platform Issue: Hawaiian Homes

The plight of Native Hawaiians of 50% blood quantum who have a right to a Hawaiian me Lease is desperate. There are in excess of 24,000 applicants some have been waiting over twenty years, I am told. Correcting this disgraceful treatment of Native Hawaiians is at the top of my priority list.

The origin of the Hawaiian Homes Act was to attempt to treat Hawaiians as an Indian tribe and have them located to specific areas. They were supposed get a “lease” and after a family got to where there was no one over 25% Hawaiian, they were supposed to vacate the property. I believe this is demeaning and totally antithetical to what the Kingdom leaders would have wanted. In 1881 there was a homestead provision which allowed the homesteaders, not racially based, to acquire fee simple interest after a five year occupancy, I recall.

As the US Senator, I will do all I can that is necessary to obtain land from the Federal and State governments to be given to those on the list. I will then insure that the ownership is in fee, not in lease for ALL homesteaders. I would have a provision which requires that if a homesteader wishes to sell the property, it must be sold to a person who has at least a 25% blood quantum. I would also rid Hawaiians of the Hawaiian Homes Commission which has done a miserable job in doing what is best for qualified Kanaka Maoli.


Additional issues that are important to the Carroll for U.S. Senate campaign

  • RAIL
  • GUNS

The Jones Act is, perhaps, the single most impactful piece of legislation that is strangling Hawaii’s agricultural production and business costs. It is an archaic 1920s-era piece of legislation that served its purpose during that time, but does not apply, pragmatically, in 2016. It affects Hawaii’s cost of living and standard of living, the prices of our food and other goods, as well as contributes to homelessness and unemployment. It has all but strangled our once vibrant agricultural industry. However, I do realize that the Jones Act does, as it stands now, does provide jobs and incomes for many of Hawaii’s families.

One of my first priorities as your Senator will be to seek exemptions for Hawaii from the Jones Act shipping restrictions. Seeking such exemptions will alleviate the costs of on and offloading transferred to Hawaii’s citizens, and will open our State up to trade worldwide. Our economy would see a boost, thereby positively affecting all sectors.

Honolulu’s rail project is, unfortunately, a colossal failure. What was once feasible in theory has now proved to be much more troublesome in execution. I have led the charge with a group called “Do Rail Right” to try and mitigate the impact of what finishing the rail project will have on Hawaii’s families. What can and should be done now is to those with real engineering expertise and devise a solid, thorough plan and budget—that should be made public— to finish the rail as expeditiously as possible and without spending any more than is needed.

I feel that the Hawaii taxpayers have lost trust in the City’s officials, and transparency is a start to finishing this project and rebuilding that trust.

Homelessness is perhaps one of the biggest issues facing our State at present, and the situation is beyond critical. This epidemic is a State issue caused by a myriad of factors, including but not limited to, Hawaii’s high cost of living, low wages, lack of jobs and lack of affordable housing. And, unfortunately, not all, but many of these factors are directly related to the impact of the Jones Act shipping restrictions.  No jobs, cost of living are the cause.

While it’s easy to say “fix the economy” in such a way that our cost of living goes down and our basic needs are affordable, it is not that easy. I believe in a housing-first solution to this problem, and as your Senator I will work with State officials to combat this problem and see to it that all of our local families are cared for.

Agriculture should be the most income –producing, vibrant components of our State’s economy after tourism. Unfortunately, due to poor land development and planning, as well as the Jones Act restrictions, Hawaii’s once vibrant and sustainable agriculture has waned most severely. An industry that once boasted numerous dairies, hatcheries, piggeries, pasturelands, and growth lands, has now been emasculated.

Many politicians ignore the radical costs of shipping our goods out of Hawaii, or shipping in to Hawaii the vital tools and resources needed to sustain a profitable agriculture enterprise. They also have seemed to turn a blind eye to the way land in Hawaii—most particularly land designated for agricultural use—is allocated. I intend to combat that as your Senator.

Legal, fully vetted immigration should continue.

Abortions should be legal during the first trimester. During the first trimester, the decision should be with the mother. After the first trimester, however, I do not believe that abortions should be legal, including late-term abortions.

Gun ownership—under the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United State of America—is provided to allow citizens to protect themselves and their families from harm. I believe that Second Amendment rights must not be abridged. However, lawmakers should encourage education, and need to take a serious look at firearms permitting, sales, and regulation. We cannot continue to lose precious American lives.

It is most important for international peace and the continuation of keeping our country out of wars, that America not intervene in other countries’ affairs. U.S. military action—including the use of ground troops—should only be used if there is a distinct and definite threat to our country’s national security. Having fought in the Korean War, and having lived through every war since, I’ve seen the devastation war have on our troops. America must remain the most militarily powerful country in the world, but not at the expense of our citizens.

I am for the continuation of keeping alliances with other nations, and forging new ones when necessary and advantageous for our country. I am also for lending aid to those allies, to the best of our ability without endangering American lives.

Our current taxes are punitive and the entire tax code should be revised. I believe that a flat tax of 17%—a widely accepted Conservative goal—will allow manufacturers to produce profitably on American soil. More to that point, I believe that allowing citizens to keep more of what they earn will help strengthen our national economy.

Healthcare in Hawaii was the best under the provisions set by earlier Democratic Party leaders. Almost all of our State’s citizens were covered in some capacity, including the homeless, and no one was without. I believe healthcare should be a state issue without Federal involvement. Also, Obama Care (Affordable Care Act) needs serious review, specifically looking at its long term effect on citizens, doctors, and the healthcare industry as a whole.

I firmly believe that everyone is created equally. We all have the right to live our lives as we choose, so long as we, or our choices, do not cause harm to other citizens, including preferences regarding religion, political persuasion, sexual preference or gender identification . These rights are inalienable. Further, as long as an individual is not harming another person, the government has no right to and should never interfere.

While this is a complex and excruciatingly subject, it requires severe scrutiny at the Federal level. Waste, Fraud and Abuse must be eliminated in every area of government.  Foreign aid, illegal immigrant costs, Federal welfare programs, and more all require severe scrutiny.

Our country’s veterans have earned the right to receive the compensation and benefits promised to them after service. I will seek to have newly discharged veterans registered at the time of discharge, so they will not have to wade through the bureaucratic leaps, bounds, and paperwork currently required.

America needs to radically reduce its dependence on foreign oil. The Keystone Pipeline should be opened immediately, and the use of the rich resources found in North America should be high on the list of national concern. This must be done with utmost concern for environmental impact. If done appropriately, with a plan, and with current technology, energy independence can be successfully achieved to benefit American families.

Medicare and Social Security must be protected for those who have contributed income to them. I will seek to ensure the solvency of these two programs designed to protect senior citizens in their declining years, and am open to looking at ways to strengthen these programs.

My belief is that marijuana growing, use and sale—as with alcohol and tobacco—should be legalized, taxed and regulated.  I have authored decriminalization legislation in the past as a State legislator.


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