Republican U.S. Senate Candidate John Carroll Endorses Fellow GOP Hopefuls

October 7, 2016

Republican U.S. Senate Candidate John Carroll Endorses Fellow GOP Hopefuls


HONOLULU—Republican U.S. Senate candidate John Carroll today announced officially his endorsements for this year’s election cycle. Not surprisingly, all candidates are fellow Republicans. Carroll’s endorsements come at a time when speculations about Hawaii Republican Party unity and executive member support for candidates continue to run high.

Furthermore, Carroll’s endorsements come at a time when most of Hawaii’s elected officials are Democrats.

Carroll said, “After much consideration, I feel these candidates best represent the fiscally conservative, family-oriented, and Hawaii-focused values our state and country need at this time.”

For his endorsements Carroll included such criteria as each candidate’s experience and educational background, their stances on key issues, their track record and/or ability to serve their respective constituents, as well as civic and community endeavors.

Carroll offered his comments below.

  • SHIRLENE OSTROV (1st Congressional District)

“Miss Ostrov brings a wealth of experience far beyond any House candidate I     have ever seen. Among her many accomplishments, she is a retired Airforce   colonel and a businesswoman. The admirable enthusiasm she brings to her candidacy is just what our state and country needs. I commend her.”

  • SEN. SAM SLOM (District 9)

“In my opinion, Sam has been one of the most outstanding members of the Hawaii State Senate. His voice must be heard. As the only Republican still in the Senate, Sam has single-handedly fought the best battle possible for numerous legislative changes which need to be made, including the Jones Act.”

  • JULIA ALLEN (District 20)

“Julia brings to the House of Representatives an extensive background at the legislature, the likes of which no one else has. She is highly intelligent, diligent, and a candidate equipped to hit the ground running in the legislature. Her persistence and tenacity is a testament to Ms. Allen’s desire to be a good agent of change.”

  • REP. BOB MCDERMOTT (District 40)

“Bob is single- handedly doing for the children of Hawaii that which no other representative or senator has done. A family man himself, he brings to his district and his position at the House strong morals and family values, and an intrinsic desire to do what is right by his constituents. I am most proud to endorse him.”

  • DR. KELII AKINA (Trustee-At-Large, Office of Hawaiian Affairs)

“Kelii brings an incredibly diverse background to the trusteeship, for an organization which is badly in need of repair. He is deeply concerned with and knowledgeable of all aspects that are currently adverse to Native Hawaiians, including Hawaiian Homelands distribution. He will do right by the kanaka maoli.”

  • JACI AGUSTIN (District 34)

“Ms. Agustin is a breath of fresh air for Hawaii politics. She’s bright and     motivated, and she cares very much about the people of this state. Ms. Agustin’s      perseverance to earn the trust of Democrat voters in her district is a shining example of her commitment to her constituents, and I look forward to seeinggreat things from her.”

Throughout his campaign Carroll has consistently began many of his speeches by citing and listing examples of why he feels the U.S. economy and security are in a state of “chaos.”

“There is no easy fix,” Carroll said, “but I believe these candidates have the ability to help guide our state and country back in a direction toward safety and prosperity.”

Carroll will face incumbent senior Sen. Brian Schatz in November.

For more information about John Carroll visit, or call (808) 526-9111.


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